Judge Lisa Sadler has 28 years of experience as a judge in Franklin County. 

Judge Lisa Sadler has 17 years of experience on Ohio's second highest court.


Judge Lisa Sadler is the only woman in Franklin County history to have been elected to our Municipal Court, Common Pleas Court, and Court of Appeals.   


Judge Lisa Sadler has the distinction of being selected by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio to sit by assignment as a visiting judge to hear and decide cases before the Supreme Court of Ohio, as well as appellate courts throughout the state.

Judge Lisa Sadler is currently the longest-serving elected judge in Franklin County. During her 28 years on the bench, she has developed a reputation for being fair, trusted, and experienced. 

Judge Lisa Sadler gained valuable litigation experience as a lawyer for the City of Columbus, serving as both a civil litigator and a criminal prosecutor. Judge Sadler also served Ohio as deputy chief legal counsel in the Office of the Governor.


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